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Luarmor API Documentation

⚠️⚠️ ! IMPORTANT ! ⚠️⚠️
Luarmor API is not a public API. It's accessible by Luarmor customers and script developers only.
👉 You must whitelist your server's IP address 👈 on luarmor dashboard in order to make API calls. Otherwise, your requests will be blocked by cloudflare.

Top things to always remember: ✅

Content-Type header must be set to application/json in all of your requests
Each endpoint has it's own ratelimits, but in general you can make 60 requests per minute. Exceeding this limit will result a 429
Parameter Types:
Body: (In Request body): { "fieldName": "PARAMETER_HERE" }
Header: (In Request headers): { "headerName": "HEADER VALUE" }

API/Key Management

Getting API status


Getting API key details


Getting API key stats


User & Key Management


Every user you add by making POST requests will automatically have a random "key" generated specifically for that user. If you don't provide the details about the user (such as hwid, discord id), key will still be generated.
If there's no HWID assigned for the key, it will automatically get assigned when user executes the script with script_key = "key here"; on top of their script.
If there's no Discord ID assigned for the key, user can claim the key by using the discord command /redeem [key]. Once their discord ID is linked to the key, user will be able to run /resethwid if it's enabled in project settings.
User must add script_key = "KEY HERE"; on top of the loader script. Otherwise it will not work unless FFA mode is on. Also the semicolon (;) after "" is important.
Each project has it's own separate database for user/key pairs. If a user is whitelisted in a project, they will be automatically able to run all scripts created inside that project. This is also known as "script hub logic"
You can set expiry date for each identifier. If you provide auth_expire in request body, client won't be able to run the script after that date. If you don't provide an auth_expire value, it will be infinite. Which means it won't expire. See details below
You can set custom notes for each client by including note field in your request body. It will make it easier do identify the user.
You can predefine discord_id / identifier values while generating a key. If you don't provide them, they will get automatically assigned when user runs the script or uses /claim [key] command
Creating a key / user
Updating an existing user
Deleting the key
Getting users
Resetting the HWID of a key
Linking discord ID to a key
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