📖Luarmor User Manual & F.A.Q

We documented every single Luarmor feature in this page. If you want to know more about the service you're using, read this documentation.

You can also use this documentation below, maintained by Stefanuk. 🔽



✅Quickstart Guide✅

If you just started using Luarmor, you should read this quick start guide. It will take you only 10 minutes to understand how Luarmor works.

1️⃣ Create an account:

  • In order to use Luarmor, you need to create an account. And for that, you need an "invite code". Invite codes can be purchased here --> https://luarmor.net#prices

  • Alternatively, you can use an invite code to extend your membership for +30 extra days here --> https://luarmor.net/profile

2️⃣ Upload your script:

Luarmor has a feature called project folders. They can contain multiple scripts, allowing you to have a script hub with multiple games in it.

3️⃣ Whitelist users:

If you are migrating from another whitelist service, or your own, you can easily import your users with 2 clicks. Skip to this part for mass whitelisting details.

There are 2 ways to whitelist someone:

  • Generate an empty key at https://luarmor.net/users and give it to user. Alternatively, you can mass-generate keys and put them to your sellix / shoppy as "serials" for automated purchases.

  • Or run /whitelist command via discord bot and user will be able to click on "get script" button on control panel

( Bot invite will be DM'ed upon purchasing a Luarmor invite code. Join our discord server to buy an invite code: https://discord.gg/luarmor )

Once the user is whitelisted, they can execute the script by adding script_key = "KEY HERE"; on top of the script. Note that keys are linked to user's HWID and sharing the key with someone else won't work because they will have a different HWID.

4️⃣ Reset HWID:

In some cases, user's HWID might change on its own, when that happens, they must run /resethwid via discord bot and re-execute the script. It will automatically assign the new HWID upon execution.

If you think someone might be sharing their key and using /resethwid for others, simply compare action fingerprint in the resethwid notification

⚡Runtime Variables⚡

Luarmor has runtime variables that allows you to access to user details such as discord id, total executions, script name, premium, user note etc..

They can be used for a lot of things. Check out this example:

You can see a full list of runtime variables here:

  • LRM_IsUserPremium : if user is whitelisted or not. useful for FFA scripts, ('freemium')

  • LRM_LinkedDiscordID : linked discord id

  • LRM_ScriptName : name of the current script.

  • LRM_TotalExecutions : total executions of the user. it will be 0 by default.

  • LRM_SecondsLeft : seconds left until expiry. it will be math.huge if auth_expire isn't set

  • LRM_UserNote : user note ('Not specified' by default)

  • LRM_ScriptVersion : version of the script. Looks like "" and is a string.

⚙️ Discord Bot Configuration ⚙️

This documentation shows the setup for OLD BOT!. New bot looks different than this. It doesn't require a documentation to use the new bot.

You can automate everything using this discord bot. Or you can write your own bot using our API documentation.

If you're a Luarmor buyer, discord bot invite will be sent to you via DM. After inviting the bot, run /login command and link the server.

👑 Mass Whitelist - Import Users 👑

If you already have users with a specific role, you can easily mass whitelist every single one of them with one command.

"Total failed" means their discord IDs are already registered, so in order to avoid duplicated entries, it will skip them.

Alternatively, you can import them as a JSON file.

Once users are imported, all they need to do is to run /script command and the bot will DM them the script + key appended on top.

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